Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Stay to Get Away Cruises

Tour Dates & Booking Information 

1) Western Isles Boat Tours – short sight-seeing trips around the islands off the western peninsula

Dates: Wednesdays 3rd, 10th and 24th; Fridays 5th, 12th and 26th August 2016 
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (departing from the Water Taxi Terminal – North)
Cost: TT$75.00 per person
Tickets Available at: the National Trust Office, Water Taxi Terminal (North and South)

2) Nelson Island Heritage Site Tour
Date: Saturday 20th August 2016
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 
Cost: TT$200.00 (adults) TT$75.00 (children)
Tickets Available at: the National Trust Office, Water Taxi Terminal (North and South)

Contact the National Trust for more information at
68-70 Sackville Street, Port of Spain 
Phone: 1(868) 277-6105 or 225-4750

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Passionate about flavour?

CARIRI's Biotechnology Unit invites you to attend their fourth workshop entitled, " Techniques for making signature sauces into successful businesses" on Friday 22nd July 2016 at CARIRI's Head Office located at U.W.I. Campus, St. Augustine at a cost of $500.00 inclusive of lunch and beverages throughout the day.
Sauces and seasonings are at the heart of great cuisine. Participants will spend one day understanding both the practical and theoretical aspects of mastering fundamental sauces while introducing fundamentals of Food safety through case studies . Topics covered include:
  • Basic Food Microbiology
  • Cleaning & Sanitation techniques
  • Intense case studies keeping in theme with sauces
  • Processing of Pepper Sauce, Barbecue Sauce and Green Seasoning

Participants will also leave equipped with the right tools and strategies to start or propel their 
business forward. The session features expert speakers from the Intellectual Property Office as well as CARIRI's Business Hatchery who will be providing information on:
  • Fundamentals of business planning
  • Challenges for Startups
  • Making your brand work for you
By the end of the session participants will have the confidence to add a new dimension to their delicious sauces that can take not only their meals but their business dreams to the next level. Any questions or queries please feel free to contact Ms. Jessica Ramoutar at 299-0210 ext. 5687/ 310-4529 or

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


The landscape of Trinidad and Tobago's IT enabled services is about to reach new heights with the advent of the Global Services Promotions Programme championed by the Ministry of Planning and Development. "Diversification" is no longer a buzz word but a reality; the objective of the program is to promote exports and foreign direct investment in the IT enabled services industry in Trinidad and Tobago. 

The Global Services Promotion Programme and the Ministry of Planning and Development exhibited at the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) from Thursday July 7th to Saturday July 9th, 2016. We took the opportunity to promote the IDB funded project 'Global Services Internationalisation Hub' (GSI Hub),  as well as collect a database of businesses that can potentially service the hub and members of the public who may benefit from the hub. 
The GSI Hub is located  at 25 Ramsaran Street , Chaguanas.

How can your business supply goods and services to the hub?

Contact Ms. Melissa Ramkumarsingh, Procurement Specialist. 

Areas of need include but are not limited to;

1) Goods: IT Equipment, Office Supplies, Sinage, Supply and maintenance of a Generator etc.
2) Works: Construction and Outfitting of Hub
3) Non-Consulting Services: Insurance, Security Services, Janitorial Services, Advertising Services, Catering Services, Website Hosting and Design etc. 
4)Consulting Services: Market research, Branding and Advertising Services, Curriculum Development, Research Services (IT Sector and Diaspora) 
5) Individual Consultants: Child Care Facilitator, Office Manager, Data Analyst etc. 

For students the hub offers everything you need for success

Centre for ITeS training and development, Transition-centre from tertiary to workforce, Employment Opportunities, Modern Work-space, Mentors and Coaches, Consulting and Support, Networking opportunities.

Email: for more information on how you can be part of the GSI Hub.

Animation and Visual Effects Company, Second Floor Studios, displayed a showreel of their animations at our TIC 2016 booth

Visiting persons were able to enter their contact information and areas of interest into our data capture stations

Potential clients entering contact information into our data capture stations

Ms. Ramkumarsingh, Procurement Specialist and Ms, Ramlal, Financial Analyst; Global Services Procurement Programme speaks to an interested buyer at our booth

Game producers, Coded Arts, demonstrates their video game Char Sue Great Adventure, developed right here in Trinidad and Tobago

Friday, 1 July 2016

Commemorating the Public Service

The Ministry of Planning and Development took the opportunity at the Public Service Open House week to show the public why we are “Architects of the future”. Hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration, in observance of Public Service on June 23, 2016, the theme focused on Innovating for Excellence in Service Delivery and our Ministry accepted the challenge.

 Present at our booth were staff members from the Environmental Policy and Planning Division, Human Resources Department, Town and Country Planning Division, Central Statistical Office, The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago and the Communications Department who advanced enforcement of our reputation as “Architects of the future”. 

On entering the booth our participants were met with activities, chances to learn about the Ministry and win great prizes. The list of undertakings included; live statistics on the spot courtesy the CSO, career advice and all things Human Resource, unfettered access to ask any and all town and country planning questions, a pro-environment selfie booth from the EPPD, and extraordinary details about our heritage from the National Trust, thus giving the public a holistic view of our Ministry and how we are the architects of the future.  

We also took this opportunity to launch a host of new activities all of which the public thoroughly enjoyed. Hung upon the wall was a blank canvas in which persons were asked to paint something that represented their ideal Trinidad and Tobago. Persons of every age, creed, race and status did so eagerly and with a love for our country.  With our in house DJ Ewan Headley our booth was quite the attraction and so were the games. The public took turns playing ‘Planning Pictionary’, ‘Planning Jeopardy’, Phrase Party, and Know your Country, all of these games were customized to educate and inform players about the Ministry of Planning and Development and our country.

Mr. Darryl Smith Honourable Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs
 paints on the canvas alongside members of the public
Participants in 'Planning Jeopardy' showcase their winnings

'Planning Jeopardy' participants ponder over the answer to a question

These participants surely know their country and won great prizes to prove it
One Love T&T